Company Profile

The business KRB Logistics Resources is the trading name for KRB Purchasing and Materials Management Services Pty Ltd which was commenced in June 1997 after identifying a need for a professional organisation specialising in business logistic solutions, system reviews and design, change management, purchasing and materials management activities with the goal to objectively service industry in a professional and efficient manner.

KRB Logistics Resources offers a unique opportunity for those organisations that are unable to justify the employment of a full time professional, or simply wish to outsource their warehousing to a 3rd party warehouse, to utilise the expertise of this company without all the added costs, to pursue excellence in logistic business management activities within their particular organisation.

It also offers the opportunity for those businesses needing professional injection into the business activities of their organisation on a short term basis, to contract this professional service on an 'as needed' basis.

Kelvin R. Bullock is the Principal Consultant of KRB Logistics Resources holding an Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management through the Central Queensland University together with further education in some ten (10) different units of accountancy through the same institution together with experiences gained as the Manager Supply with Mackay Sugar and other major industries both in Australia and Offshore, Kelvin is capable of delivering best practice, professional and highly ethical services.