Why KRB?

The Benefits

With ever-increasing pressures being placed on all facets of industry, businesses must focus on providing cost effective and efficient best practice management solutions for their business.  KRB Logistics Resources has been established to provide such cost effective solutions and services.

The challenges you and your organisation face are as a result of today's dynamic logistics environment, or ever-increasing internal customer needs and the requirement for increased logistics performance.  Because change is a constant factor in today's business environment, organisations must constantly improve to remain competitive and alive.

The challenge posed for any organisation is to provide that service economically.  Whilst it has been stated that the prime objective is to provide a service to operations it is obviously desirable to do so economically.  The tasks required to implement such changes and upgrades bring additional pressure on existing staff levels and usually take unnecessarily long time periods to complete, adding significant and avoidable costs to the projects.  KRB Logistics Resources through its experienced staff, unencumbered by these day-to-day operational needs and pressures can complete the tasks in a considerably shorter time.

It is our business to know and understand the requirements of your industry and our staff are highly qualified in their field of expertise.

If cost efficiencies, through maximising productivity and the efficiencies of the process are strategic to your operation, then KRB Logistics Resources has the answers



Australian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management Limited

(ACN 008 597 680)


  • To consider first the interests of the company in all transactions and to carry out and believe in its established policies.
  • To accord a prompt and courteous reception to all who call on a legitimate business mission.
  • To be receptive to competent counsel from colleagues and to be guided by such counsel without impairing the dignity and responsibility of the office.
  • To avoid sharp practice.


  • To buy without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum ultimate value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • To counsel and assist fellow procurement or supply officers in the performance of their duties, whenever occasion permits.
  • To strive consistently for knowledge of the materials and processes of manufacture, and to establish practical methods for the conduct of the office.
  • To co-operate with all organisations and individuals engaged in activities designed to enhance the development and standing of purchasing and materials management.
  • To subscribe to and work for honesty and truth in buying and selling, and to denounce all forms of manifestations of commercial bribery.