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Document Storage


Document Services Facilities

KRB Logistics Resources offers warehouse facilities to service third party needs in secure document storage. We are a locally owned and operated business being established since 1997.

When you have limited space and your archives are growing, KRB Logistics Resources can store your records without the added costs of unused space, in close proximity to the CBD.  We currently provide secure document storage for a number of clients ranging from one pallet capacity up to 40 pallet spaces and growing and allocate such space on an as required basis.  We also offer security cages upon special request, where access to contents is only obtainable by the client who holds all access keys to the cage.


Document Registration

KRB Logistics Resources is supported with state of the art purpose built software to assist with the operational requirements ensuring maximum efficiencies and accuracy in the receival, storage and despatch of documents.  Our client nominates the level of registration required, whether it be by pallet, box or file level. We offer a service whereby each individual file can be registered and cross-referenced to the information you nominate to be recorded which may include File Name, File Number or Account Manager’s Name.  You can call for a full listing of your records at any time.


Pick up and Retrieval

KRB Logistics Resources has its own transport for pick up and retrieval to and from our client location. Document retrievals/pick ups can be actioned via fax or email request and will be arranged in accordance with our client’s instructions.

Current on-site access authorities are maintained for each client and authorised staff are able to visit our facility to collect/retrieve documents as required.

No “permanent out” fee applies to a client wishing to remove boxes from KRB Logistics Resources Document Services. We believe that once a client experiences our high level of service they will remain clients forever.


Controlled Access

Access to secure areas is restricted to KRB Logistics Resources Document Services employees and accredited representatives or staff of client organisations. All such visiting members will be registered through to the Manager or his representative before entry will be permitted.

The client appoints representatives in an “Access Authority” form. No cartons or files will be issued or access permitted to any unauthorised persons.

Extra security procedures such as client nominated passwords can be put into place to protect confidential items.


Internal Controlled Environment

A contract is held with Amalgamated Pest Control to provide quarterly inspections and take preventative action to control cockroaches, silverfish and rodents plus undertake extermination/preventative action to control any other vermin that may be present.

Warehouse contents are constantly monitored by staff to detect any signs of deterioration, to enable early prevention action to be taken. All records are stored so that there is no exposure to sunlight that may cause early deterioration of paper records.


Full Security Protection

This secure storage complex is monitored by a motion sensor alarm system. After hours patrol inspections by our security take place at irregular time intervals.

A camera security system with 24 hour monitoring of both warehouse and surrounding premises is installed.

Keypad security ensures only authorised personnel are able to enter the building.

Only KRB Logistics Resources’ staff are employed to transport records. Subcontract drivers are not utilised, unless specifically requested by the client


Additional Services

KRB Logistics Resources can scan all documents for storage on CD in a file format agreed with the customer. i.e. Monthly Invoices, Weekly Timesheets, Purchase Orders etc. This allows clients to have immediate access to copy of documents with original held in storage. This can be undertaken on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis etc.

Clients may wish to nominate forward destruction dates on records sent to KRB Logistics Resources for storage. Written confirmation from our client is required prior to destruction of records, and we can arrange for the confidential destruction of records to occur.