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Industrial Relations





















The success of KRB Logistics Resources business, depends largely on the compatibility, capability, commitment and productivity of our employees, staff and management. Our relationship with these various groups is not a matter of politics or ideology, but one built around business principles and considered alongside workplace health and safety of all employees, our environment and other matters such as cost and clients’ needs.

Our Industrial Relations Procedures are based on:

  • Complying with all applicable industrial laws, Regulations, Statutory Obligations, Awards, Agreements and National and State codes of Practice and Guidelines.
  • Accepting that in many cases it is the client who will actually determine the industrial relations arrangements.
  • Providing fair and reasonable management of industrial issues and expecting the same from all other interested parties.
  • Maintaining an open relationship with all our employees.
  • Recognising our employees’ entitlement to representation in accordance with awards and agreements



Kelvin Bullock
Manager Director
Issued March 2019