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Pick, Pack


Pick, Pack and Despatch



KRB Logistics Resources provides pick, consolidate and pack services developed to a level that is tailored to your business and your customers’ needs. The process involves small through to large items and varying quantities of stock, picking the relevant items for each order and each destination and repacking these items ready for delivery/shipping.


The Process

The pick, consolidate and pack supply chain operation at KRB Logistics Resources pulls together all sized items from large to small numerous parts/commodities stored in our 3PL warehouses and/or from a number of suppliers in the same geographical area and combines them into larger, more economical, shipping loads intended for the end customer. Small, flexible shipments in Large, economical shipments out! These are transported and delivered to local, regional, interstate and/or overseas destinations.

KRB Logistics Resources will work with our clients both internally and externally to maximise effectiveness and reduce the total cost of the shared process.



At KRB Logistics Resources we realise and understand that each and every customer is unique in its own right and unique in its needs. We put great imports in understating these unique requirements but more importantly ensuring they after met if not bettered.

Every job is undertaken with a personalised approach. We communicate with you and your team to find out what types of solutions will benefit you and your business activities. we will work with you and you team to continually develope best practice and most importantly we will keep you informed every step of the way. Your needs are our solutions whether it is for individual components or complete end-to-end solutions, short term or long term requirements and partnerships, we are here to help solve your logistical problems and help you meet your business needs.



KRB Logistics Resources has expertise in process planning, for efficient and accurate assembly of kits and their package assembly.


Seasonal and Maintenance Outage Activities

Seasonal activity is a specialty that KRB Logistics Resources has considerable experience and expertise in managing and undertaking. 3PL supply chain management has become a great tool for companies that have a seasonal customer base where there is high demand in one or move seasons throughout the years and little or no requirements in the off seasons.

It is also pertinent in mining operations, manufacturing industries etc. to cater for maintenance outage and forward planning. We have assisted with dragline overhauls, wash plant maintenance outages etc. accumulating necessary parts in readiness for the overhaul/outage and shipping to site to meet the project timelines.


The utilisation of 3PL for seasonal stock ensures:

  • Cost efficient and effective warehousing and operational costs.
  • You only pay when you use it;
  • It ensures improved stock turnover;
  • It ensures less stock spoilage;
  • It ensures the right stock, in the right place at the right times.


At KRB Logistics Resources we have been assisting the agricultural and sugar industries for some 19 years with their seasonal stock requirements and understand that needs vary across the year and indeed even in the season. This is why at KRB we offer scalable solutions that can adapt to your ever changing circumstances. We are highly skilled and adaptable to your changing needs.


Quality Assurance

KRB Logistics Resources take pride in ensuring the professional, efficient and accurate retrieval of stock as well as the safe, secure and reliable packing of goods ready for delivery/shipping. We undertake our activities ensuring core values are adhered to in particular reduce, reuse and recycle.

All orders are checked for accuracy by another team member to ensure the order is correct, Our goals are correct and we have on time despatches/deliveries. Our quality assurance is an important aspect of all our operations in particular shipping/deliveries ensuring correct sorting, labelling, shipping paperwork and the despatching of all customers orders free of error.



At KRB Logistics Resources all orders received by 12.00pm are picked, packed booked on nominated shippers and ready for shipping that afternoon. Local deliveries unless requested to be delivered as an urgent will be scheduled for the delivery on the next scheduled KRB delivery day as per our published schedule.

KRB Logistics Resources’ Picking, Consolidating and Packing is reliable , responsible, efficient and accurate logistics.