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Quality Policy




















KRB Logistics Resources is engaged in providing Operational Improvement planning and implementation together with purchasing and materials management services and products. We have built our business on the solid foundations of extensive training and experience.

It is our policy to always achieve customer satisfaction by conforming to agreed requirements. Our objective is to successfully expand our business and become recognised as a market leader in our field. As a tool towards achieving this objective, we have established a quality system based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

The quality system provides assurance that the expectations, needs and requirements of both KRB Logistics Resources, and our customers are identified. Further, that the necessary controls are consistently and adequately applied to meet them. It defines how effective control is established through documented procedures, and it provides a record of our quality related activities.

KRB Logistics Resources is committed to maintaining, and improving on its existing quality standards, and we have allocated sufficient resources to ensure that quality remains at the heart of our business.

We welcome any comments and suggestions, which may assist us in our pursuit of quality.


Kelvin Bullock
Manager Director
Issued March 2019