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Related Services


KRB Logistics Resources can provide a whole range of related services specifically designed for individual clients’ needs. We will work with our clients both internally and externally to maximise effectiveness and help reduce the total cost of such services.

At KRB Logistics Resources we realise and understand that each and every customer is unique in its own right and unique in its needs. We put great imports in understating these unique requirements but more importantly ensuring they after met if not bettered.

Every job is undertaken with a personalised approach. We communicate with you and your team to find out what types of solutions will benefit you and your business activities. we will work with you and you team to continually develop best practice and most importantly we will keep you informed every step of the way. Your needs are our solutions whether it is for individual processes, components or complete end-to-end solutions, short term or long term requirements and partnerships, we are here to help solve your logistical problems and help you meet your business needs.


KRB Logistics Resources has expertise in process planning, for efficient and accurate assembly of kits and their package assembly. This includes co-packing/re-packing kit assemblies from multiple vendors into single units.

Seasonal and Maintenance Outage Activities

Seasonal activity is a specialty that KRB Logistics Resources has considerable experience and expertise in managing and undertaking. 3PL supply chain management has become a great tool for companies that have a seasonal customer base where there is high demand in one or move seasons throughout the years and little or no requirements in the off seasons.

It is also pertinent in mining operations, manufacturing industries etc. to cater for maintenance outage and forward planning. We have assisted with dragline overhauls, wash plant maintenance outages etc. accumulating necessary parts in readiness for the overhaul/outage and shipping to site to meet the project timelines.

The utilisation of 3PL for seasonal stock ensures:

  • Cost efficient and effective warehousing and operational costs. You only pay when you use it;
  • It ensures improved stock turnover;
  • It ensures less stock spoilage;
  • It ensures the right stock, in the right place at the right times.

At KRB Logistics Resources we have been assisting the agricultural and sugar industries for some 19 years with their seasonal stock requirements and understand that needs vary across the year and indeed even in the season. This is why at KRB we offer scalable solutions that can adapt to your ever changing circumstances. We are highly skilled and adaptable to your changing needs.

Container Decanting/Unloading

KRB Logistics Resources can assist with the following container requirements:

  • Secure, Controlled and monitored Hardstand Facility;
  • Arranging Transport;
  • Loading and unloading whether palletised or loose;
  • Short and long term storage;
  • Quick turn around to eliminate demurrage costs.
Cross Docking activities

    KRB Logistics Resources provides cross-docking facilities for customers needing competitive advantage over their rivals. Goods come in and can be repackaged and transferred out quickly and efficiently allowing customers to have smaller hold quantities of stock.

    • Fast turn-around and visibility of activity status;
    • Industry specific solutions to improve productivity & efficiency;
    • We utilise a national network of transport partners who can move goods Australia wide;
    • Short term and long term storage facilities;
    Decanting and Pump-out Solutions

      This service caters for break pack of bulk items where clients require decanting or product mixing etc. KRB Logistics Resources also delivers bulk containers to external client facilities and decant into onsite storage/disbursement tank/s at such places as motor vehicle service centres, manufacturing workshops etc..

      Specialised facilities will be developed on an as needs basis to fulfil client requirements.

      • Oil Pumping from 205 Litre drums and 1000 litre Pods to our customers’, clients’ bulk tanks;
      • Decant from from 205 Litre drums and 1000 litre Pods to smaller containers;
      System Receipting and Despatching

          KRB logistics also has experienced data processing personnel experienced and authorised in a number of customer systems directly ensuring the customers management systems are always live and up to date.

          • Worked with JDE, SAP Pronto etc;
            Access to Customer Systems for data processing receipts, despatches and returns.
          • Do bar codes or labels needing to be applied to stock;
          • Rebranding and repackaging;
          • Transport labelling;
          Inventory Management

              At KRB Logistics Resources we fulling understand the importance of sound inventory management to keep track of all inventory and its movements, age, stock levels etc.

              Our purpose built state of the art Inventory Management System allows us to utilise our clients’ descriptive patterns, part number; unit of measures etc. to minimise duplications and confusion.

              As your 3PL warehousing and distribution partner we can undertake the following with you or on your behalf:
                • Strategy development;
                • Inventory management down to the lot, component and/or serial number;
                • Backorder management;
                • Quality control checks;
                • Aging and redundancy analysis;
                • Replenishment and deployment;
                • Forecasting and inventory planning;
                • Inventory optimisation;
                • Comprehensive cycle count program;
                • Annual stocktakes;
                • Performance monitoring and analysis;
                • Comprehensive stock reporting system;
                • Full pallet, case, carton/box or individual item pick capabilities
                Fulfilment Activities

                  KRB Logistics Resources offers fulfillment services as a fully integrated part of our 3PL warehouse and distribution service. We gain a thorough understanding of the precise requirements of each of our customers’ business or projects, then design and implement a fully customised process that streamlines execution to achieve optimal time and cost-efficiencies.

                  KRB Logistics Resources fulfillment activities are strategically planned each day with respect to our customers requested delivery date and time.

                  We are capable of:

                  • Systemic communications between the various work teams to ensure we meet the customers’ needs;
                  • Support for high volume national fulfillment projects;
                  • High levels of accuracy in all the process activities;
                  Outside Hardstand Storage

                      Additionally, we have some 7000m2 of external hardstand storage area together with areas for refrigerated/freeze containers.

                      • Secure, Controlled and monitored
                      • Hardstand Facility;
                      • Arranging Transport;
                      • Have a number of power outlet farms both 3 phase and single phase capabilities to store refrigerated/freeze containers;
                      • Have onsite lifting capacity up to 8 ton;
                      • Arranging cranage for large items in excess of 8 ton;
                      • Loading and unloading whether large plant and equipment, palletised or loose items;
                      • Short and long term storage;
                      • Quick turn-around to eliminate demurrage costs
                      • Supply of dunnage if required.
                      Reverse Logistics

                          • Returned Inventory Management;
                          • Collection from customers;
                          • Updating your system throughout the process (subject to us having login access);
                          • Transport of returns;
                          • Storage;
                          • Inspection; and
                          • Appropriate disposition (quarantine of items, repair, return to manufacturer and disposal)
                          Dangerous Goods Management

                                KRB Logistics Resources has developed specialised and certified warehouse facilities to service, in addition to general goods, hazardous and dangerous goods, as designated by the relevant authorities, the facilities are designed to receive and store packaged containers either in pallet, drum (up to 205 litre capacity), one tone bulky bins and ISO container capacity.

                                The site is a certified large dangerous goods site in the State of Qld. Items are stored in accordance with their category and in compliance with relevant regulations.

                                Pallet Management

                                      KRB Logistics Resources as your warehousing partner can also undertake your pallet management activities.

                                      We offer a range of pallet management services to help streamline, improve and simplify your pallet usage by:

                                      • Providing and efficient and cost savings pallet management solution specific for your business;
                                      • We can arrange accounts with pallet hire companies etc. i.e. Chep,
                                      • Loscam;
                                      • Collect and return pallets to your hire company as required;

                                      KRB Logistics Resources’ team will work with our customers on any ad hoc project you have which falls outside the scope of daily operations.