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Safety Policy





















‘KRB Logistics Resources will, in providing material management services ensure safeguarding the Health, Safety and Environment of its employees, consultants, and the wider community and that of its customers.’

Our guiding principles are:

  • Accident free workplaces and no harm to people
  • Health, Safety & Environment is everyone’s responsibility
  • Consultants and employees will not commence a job that cannot be done safely
  • Health, safety & environment performance are key measures of a successful organisation
  • No Damage to the Environment

To achieve this KRB Logistics Resources will:

  • Provide training, support and standards for all consultants and employees
  • Provide healthy and safe work areas and equipment
  • Review work areas, equipment, methods and procedures to eliminate hazards and occupational illnesses in the workplace
  • Adopt appropriate standards and practices and monitor them to ensure compliance


Kelvin Bullock
Manager Director
Issued March 2019