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Third Party Warehousing

KRB Logistics Resources – Serving Your Total Warehouse Needs

KRB Logistics Resources provide complete warehousing services for both regular goods and speciality products such as dangerous goods.

KRB Logistics Resources has developed warehouse facilities to service third party needs in storage of general commodities, hazardous substance and dangerous goods. KRB Logistics Resources warehouse facilities exceed all statutory building, environmental and fire codes.

Increasing demand for compliance by the various regulatory departments on end users and suppliers of such products will require business’ to reassess their specialised storage needs. Our warehouse service offers a cost effective means of satisfying all of your storage requirements.

The facility is currently used by a number of large distributors of commodities to the mining, sugar, retail and general industrial customers.

KRB Logistics Resources specialises in short and long term storage, warehousing of commodities, transportation, distribution, order picking and decontainerisation.

In addition to general goods, hazardous and dangerous goods, as designated by the relevant authorities, the facilities are designed to receive and store packaged containers either in pallet, drum (up to 205 litre capacity), one tonne bulky bins and ISO container capacity.

Items are stored in accordance with their category and in compliance with relevant regulations.

660 square metre all weather loading and unloading facilities are an integral part of the design of the building.

Modern storage facilities are installed and are supported by state of the art software to assist with the operational requirements ensuring maximum efficiencies and accuracy in the receival, storage and dispatch of products from our clients to their clients/operations. The service caters for break pack of bulk items for dispatch. Additionally, where clients require decanting or product mixing, facilities will be developed on an as needs basis to fulfill these requirements.

The facility operates Monday to Friday with after hour operations to meet urgent client needs.

KRB Logistics Resources has its own transport for deliveries to and from our customer location, local businesses, your customer and urgent dispatched for on shipment by road transport where normal pick-up times have passed. Scheduled contract deliveries servicing Mackay, Airlie Beach and Hinterland can also be arranged.

The operation whilst able to receive and dispatch by road transport will have rail facilities developed to further enhance the service and reduce handling and cost for major clients utilising our services for distribution in North Queensland. The rail facilities will be utilised for receiving shipments from clients in containers, destuffing etc.

This secure storage complex is monitored by a motion sensor alarm system. After hours mobile patrol inspections by our security take place at irregular time intervals. A camera security system with 24 hour monitoring of both warehouse and surrounding premises is installed. Keypad security ensures only authorised personnel are able to enter the building. All visitors must register with the Manager or her representative prior to entry.

KRB Logistics Resources developed a second warehouse of approximately 1600m2 capacity, which is fully leased by a major client. This additional capacity gives the Spiller Avenue facility some 3000m2 of storage and covered loading facilities.

We have further expansion capabilities at Spiller Avenue, Outer Harbour, Mackay to develop purpose-built facilities.

It’s easy to find a company that can warehouse and distribute your products. But it’s not easy to find a company you can trust.

If you want to work with a company that is professional, trustworthy and believes in providing it’s clients with personal service and exceptional value, then you’re looking for KRB Logistics Resources.

Inventory is a Result Not a Solution
The Safe Storage of our client’s goods and the protection of the environment is of Paramount Importance to KRB Logistics Resources.

You really have two choices. Do it yourself or outsource.

The main reason companies outsource their warehousing and transportation requirements to KRB Logistics Resources is because they want to concentrate on what they do best.

As customers demand more efficiencies, it’s harder to justify the full cost of all the sophisticated services required in today’s competitive markets. Taking advantage of KRB Logistics Resources’ full range of logistics services allows you to maintain warehousing and transportation efficiencies while meeting the needs of your customers.

KRB Logistics Resources can provide third party warehousing and transportation services at very attractive rates.

Our clients can concentrate on their core business activity with the assurance KRB Logistics Resources will provide a fully integrated, quality-driven service package.

Logistics – is our profession. We take seriously our responsibility to you, our client, and your customers, to provide quality service in response to your ever changing needs.

KRB Logistics Resources Warehousing/Distribution Services can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved service levels, client specified and guaranteed
  • Systems and staff training, client specific
  • Enhanced flexibility and focused market position
  • Improved and dedicated customer service
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Maintenance programs for stored critical spares
  • Reduced capital investment

Our specific Warehousing Services include:

24 hour, 7 days per week service

  • Off loading
  • Storage
  • Develop and undertake maintenance programs for stored capital spares ie. electric motors, gear boxes etc.
  • Note and advise discrepancies
  • Filing of documents
  • Break pack including decanting etc.
  • Pick orders
  • Address and label goods
  • Apply appropriate label


Our specific Warehousing Services include:


  • Load orders
  • Shrink wrap product
  • Sign for goods received and shipped
  • Control physical inventory
  • Repair/report damaged goods
  • Destuff containers
  • Perform all operational duties in a safe and efficient manner to suit your specific requirements
  • Supplying daily inventories on request
  • Prepare goods for transport

Have we left anything off the list? Let us know and we’ll add to it. What can we do for you today?