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KRB Logistics Resources has a high profile sound business base with a number of Blue Chip companies that have been trading with KRB Logistics Resources for many years, some as long as 15 years and entering into new agreements to extend this period further.

Our customer’s businesses are diverse in nature and market and give considerable protection to the business as they are not geographically bound, they are not common in regards to their customer bases and cover mining, suppliers to mining, suppliers to major earth excavation companies, agriculture suppliers, suppliers to retail outlets, suppliers to vehicle servicing businesses, storage of their major insurance spares for port facilities, coal mines, rail rolling stock spares, Chemical supplies for industrial, agricultural and mining sector, office furniture, manufacturing consumables etc.


It is this diversity that played an import part in surviving the GFC and mining downturn.

KRB Logistics Resources provides a highly specialised and professional 3PL integrated operations as their customers preferred 3PL supply chain management provider in the region as well as servicing to and from all capital cities and regional areas interstate and overseas.