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KRB Logistics Resources is committed to minimising the impacts of its operations on and to achieving a high standard of care for the environment in all of its activities and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

To achieve the aims of the Environment Protection Policy, KRB Logistics Resources management will work in consultation with all employees to:

  • Identify and reduce the detrimental impact of all work-related events on the environment.
  • Ensure all employees are adequately informed and trained to operate within the accepted guidelines and regulations.
  • Monitor compliance with guidelines and regulations.
  • Co-operate with Government and other responsible bodies engaged in pollution abatement and environmental control.
  • Identify, quantify and control chemicals and physical agents in the work environment.
  • Establish and maintain a spill response and reporting system applicable to all levels within the Company.
  • Use vehicles, plant and equipment that meet Environmental Protection Standards.
  • Ensure waste disposal is carried out in accordance with accepted guidelines and procedures.
  • Ensure attention is given to energy conservation.
  • Implement procedures designed to minimise the risk of product being lost to ground.
  • Implement procedures designed to reduce noise pollution in urban areas.
  • Respond quickly and openly to any environmental requirements.

The company recognises that the achievement of an affective Environment Protection program demands the active and positive ongoing involvement of all levels of management and requires the maintenance of up to date environmental management systems, appropriate professional resources to support our environmental management systems, and the full participation and support of all employees


Kelvin Bullock
Manager Director
Issued March 2019